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Introductory Workshop in Hypnotherapy and NLP

Attend an Introductory Workshop in Hypnotherapy and NLP

We run one day workshops throughout the year which allow you (for a nominal cost) the opportunity to enjoy developing new skills and to be able to take that skill away with you to utilise further. The workshop will assist you in creating change in your life.
Lists of current workshops on offer are:

  • Communication – Exceptional presenters & trainers have a kind of magic. Discover yours in this NLP & Hypnotherapy Workshop.
  • First Aid skills – Learn the right language to deal with emergencies (NLP & Hypnotherapy).
  • Learn the Art of Charisma – Find that Charismatic you, NOW! (Learn about NLP & Hypnotherapy).
  • Relationships – All you will need to know about connecting in the right way with the opposite sex (using both NLP & Hypnotherapy tools).
  • Performance and You – NLP Technology in Sport and Life areas.
At these workshops the trainer will also demonstrate Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques that you would learn if you chose to extend your training further with ACH.
Please phone us on (02) 9550 9673 to obtain the scheduled, dates, venues and costs for these workshops.

Why not have your company or organisation organise a workshop through ACH

If you have a few people interested in participating in a workshop or would like to organise one for your organisation, we are more than happy to review your needs and either offer one of the above workshops or design one that suits your needs. All our workshops are designed to have participants leave with new and effective skills, that makes the cost very affordable, and the training priceless.

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