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Graduate Testimonials

“I completed diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy (10240NAT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (10501NAT) in May 2015 in preparation for leaving The Defence Force in order to establish my own hypnotherapy practice. The education I received from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy (ACH) is of the highest standard and prepares you well for a career as a professional, full time hypnotherapist.
In my first year after completing my training I have established a successful Practice in Newcastle NSW with a growing client base. I am averaging 16-18 clients per week and am fully booked 2 weeks in advance. In my first year (May 2015 – October 2016), since then I have treated over 350 clients.
I work inside an Integrated Health Practice (Lake Road Medical Centre) with GPs, Dentist, Physio, Podiatrist, Exercise Physiologist and Dietician. Being embedded within such an important Health Hub I am now receiving a growing number of referrals from GPs from within and surrounding area. This validates Hypnotherapy as a main stream treatment option, and, is also testament to the quality of the training I have received from ACH.
I could not have made this transition from Defence into my own thriving hypnotherapy Practice without the valuable government financial support to me (and my fellow students) who pass through the ACH, who, then go on to forge valuable careers in this growing field of highly effective evidence based treatment.
I cannot emphasise enough the highest quality of the training I received from the ACH and its recognised RTO status, which they work hard to maintain to keep their education in the forefront of hypnotherapy treatment. It has been invaluable to me as I continue to grow my business.

– Jerry Knight – Newcastle

“I studied at The Australian College of Hypnotherapy in 2014. I completed two diplomas. I was looking for a quality course in Hypnotherapy for a long time before studying and I came across ACH. I instantly gravitated towards this course for a number for reasons. Rhondda my Trainer is very relaxed in her approach to teaching and the course also offers intensive NLP training of the best quality in Australia. I never settle for anything less than the best. And so should you. Rhondda is always there for support and training and has a world of knowledge in many therapeutic modalities to support an all rounded course. Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP is the future of therapy and this college is the best there is. Rhondda has been working with the best people in the mainstream and Holistic sciences in getting this amazing therapy into the mainstream. It’s already there and I believe this college is up there with the best of them. It’s a theoretical and practical course which offers on going supervision through the best Association in this field. Highly recommend this courses. A brilliant course.”

– Dean Galati Sydney Clinical Hypnotherapist / NLP Practitioner.

My name is Josh Faulkner and I commenced study towards my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Diploma of NLP in April 2016. I knew early on in the piece that my biggest hurdle was going to be completing my case studies. I have strong people skills and am comfortable enough, in my own shoes, to attempt something new. However, my concern was that, I reside in a rural region of NSW and notwithstanding the difficulty in locating clients but, where I could actually consult with them, was a huge issue.
Before I knew it, I was home from part 1 of the course and completing my worksheets 1-4. I had friends and family interested in what I was doing and fortunately enough, had some ‘friends of friends’ volunteer for case study work (YAY!!!). 4 weeks pass and I am still trying to work out how I can start seeing people. My home is not an option and it is not encouraged to visit client’s homes. I even took to the web and built my own website ( and facebook page to ‘drum up’ business – still without a place to consult with clients.
I enquired about room availability at a medical centre and the practice manager said
“You can work independently at the medical centre here, and also at our practice in Murrumbateman NSW where, if you were happy to, you could use a room from there as well and see patients from that location.
We have several doctors who are looking to undertake further study in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to provide complimentary services but they have not had the time to undertake the study” Our doctors would look to refer patients to you if that is ok?”
Stunned by the above response (and a little bit speechless) I sought clarification as to any costs associated with this on my part and we worked that out.
Rhondda will mention it in your course, as she did with my group. This profession is highly regarded and accepted by those in the medical arena. Hypnotherapy is seen as highly complementary to the work of GP’s and supports their outcomes for their patients. More than anything, the response from the practice manager towards the opportunity of utilising my services sparked so much confidence in me and it will do the same for you.
The training at ACH is comprehensive in both practical work and theory and has set me up as a skilled professional, trained in all aspects of Hypnosis. Supervision is accessed as needed and I have found ongoing support is always available.

– Josh Faulkner ACT

I have had the pleasure of studying both my Diploma and Advanced Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy.
My Trainer Rhondda was always approachable, knowledgeable and professional, delivering the highest quality course in a format which seeks to enhance personal growth and development as well as professional education. The best part of studying with Rhondda was the practical portion of the classes which gave me a real feel for what it would be like to work with clients in the industry.

The course material has always been thorough, well planned and well executed to provide a truly unique learning experience. I would recommend the Australian College of Hypnotherapy to anyone looking to train in this field.

– Renay Gramberg Melbourne 2018

I completed the Intensive Hypnotherapy Course in Sydney and started seeing clients, dealing with simple issues, even before my course finished. I found the Course empowering both personally and professionally. The techniques taught were clear and precise and our practice sessions consolidated the information given. The teaching was always helpful and supportive and it was the individual attention shown to me that allowed me to feel confident and capable in my professional role.

Thanks to ACH I am now in a successful satisfying career. Becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist was the best career choice I could have made. ACH’s invitation to revisit the course after graduating, free of charge, was of enormous benefit. I continued to learn and refine my skills by attending their graduate program. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to change to a more fulfilling and successful career choice.

– Michelle O’Donnell
ACH Graduate – 2004

Dip Teach, Grad Dip Counselling, Cert IV NLP, Cert IV Telephone Counselling,NorthSide Counselling

“Studying hypnotherapy at the Australian College of Hypnotherapy has been a life changing experience. I was already working as a counselor and had studied and used all the usual mainstream counselling methodologies – yet so often found it impossible to move people out of a place of ‘stuckness’. Learning about and understanding the unconscious mind, and how to effect change through Hypnotherapy and NLP has enabled me to achieve results with clients that I previously thought would have been absolutely impossible.

For anyone already in the counselling profession or thinking about becoming a hypnotherapist this course is a must do. Or if you are just interested in the course from a self-development perspective, the learnings you will take away will be life changing.”

– Neil Buckley
Dip Teach, Grad Dip Counselling, Cert IV NLP,
Cert IV Telephone Counselling
NorthSide Counselling

I found the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (91235NSW) offered by the Australian College of Hypnotherapy an excellent and detailed course that provided me with good training in NLP, Ericksonian and other hypnotic applications. The tutors were knowledgeable and helpful, the learning environment relaxed and the hands-on work with clients beneficial for development in confidence in applying the techniques learned in theory.

I would recommend this course to any person wishing to pursue a career in clinical hypnotherapy. I believe that it has benefited me greatly in my pursuit of clinical competency in the hypnotherapeutic sciences. No matter what other courses one does in hypnosis, I would strongly advise that this one be included as main one high up on the list.”

– Dr Stephen Civadelic – Sydney NSW
B. Dentistry (Hons.) Syd Uni;
M.Sc.Med (Pain Mgt) Syd Uni;
B.BioMed. Sc UTS;
Cert IV Dental Implant Surgery Aus Soc Imp Dent;
Post Grad Dip Clin Hyp Aus Soc Hyp;
Dip Clin Hyp (91235NSW) Aus Col Hyp;
Adv Cert Clin Hyp (Gestalt) Aus Col Med Hyp;
Cert Clin Hyp Aus Col Med Hyp;
Adv Prac Cert Clin Hyp (RACGP) Aus App Hyp;
Cert CBT NSW Institute of Psychiatry.

I first met Rhondda at a 2 day workshop she was running in Brisbane and I immediately liked her training style. It was obvious that she had years of experience by the way she interacted with the students and the level of skill and knowledge she had with what she was teaching. I trained with the Australian College of Hypnotherapy after having already trained in Hypnosis and NLP, both here in Australia and Overseas. I realised I would gain a more practical application from training with ACH and so enrolled in their Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Certificate IV in NLP. I am extremely happy I did because I have found it to be the most comprehensive training I have ever had.

The content of the course is phenomenal and way above what you would find with other hypnotherapy training. I really enjoyed the small group design, because you are able to connect with the other students as well as the trainers. In other courses I have completed I found it difficult to connect with the trainers. I would recommend this course to people who are just starting out in hypnotherapy and NLP as well as anyone who has lots of experience, because you will gain so much from training with ACH.”

– Mark Blacker – Brisbane Qld
ACH Graduate – 2009

I extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude for the experience and education I have been offered within your organisation as both a client and as a student. Hypnotherapy has made a profound impact on my health (I used to suffer the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis) and it continues to improve with each day. I highly recommend hypnotherapy as a complimentary treatment the results in my experience are undeniable.

Having discovered the value in this work through this first-hand experience, it was a natural progression for me to enrol in the Diploma course, so that I might be able to share what I’ve learned and build my own successful business within the Natural Health industry. So many doors have been opened, goals realised and some of them actualised throughout the duration of this course. The content and practical application is fantastic and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Thanks again.

– Lauren Nichols – Sydney
CH Graduate – 2009

I knew my search for a reputable and dependable training college was over the day I met Rhondda. Her professionalism and dedication to her profession and her students was evident as was the high standard of course. Her training manuals speak for themselves. I had done the leg work and ‘interviewed’ many colleges in my quest for a government recognised qualification. As a result of my research, I can personally guarantee that the Australian College of Hypnotherapy offered me the highest standard of education at the best fee in exactly the field that I was interested in.

Training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist has allowed me to develop the skills I’ve always wanted. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rhondda and her team for empowering me to take charge of my life and my career. As a result of my studies I feel more secure and my future is looking positive to say the least. I am confident that the skills I’ve learned will allow me to continue to grow by business and further develop my profile as an exceptional Hypnotherapist.

I can’t speak highly enough of Rhondda and of the Australian College of Hypnotherapy. For me, the investment of time and money was defiantly worth it. I couldn’t be happier.”

– David Fonti – Sydney
ACH Graduate

Hypnotherapy has been a wonderful adjunct to my counselling, coaching and psychotherapy practice. It’s a gentle, holistic and creative way to bring balance, healing, and solutions to clients and my practice has been greatly enhanced by it. Rhonda Stewart is also an accomplished and creative hypnotherapist and learning from her was a pleasure.

– Gemma Summers PhD- Sydney
Counselling and Psychotherapy
Coaching and Consulting

I have just completed the course with ACH and found it comprehensive in its approach to educating myself and fellow students. The casework is intensive and gives the necessary practical skills and confidence to become a competent Hypnotherapist.
I would highly recommend the course to anybody aspiring to become a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

– Shengo Deane
ACH Graduate

Working as a personal trainer and massage therapist I always knew there was something missing. I felt I was always working with client symptoms and never really addressing the cause. Week after week I see people who are suffering the physical manifestations of something internal. After studying the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and obtaining a practitioner certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through the Australian College of Hypnotherapy I have so many new options to work with, options which have already proven to facilitate long-term positive changes in my clients.
I really enjoyed the entire experience and it opened my eyes up to a whole different world… one I didn’t think existed until I saw it for myself.
I can’t thank the team of the Australian College of Hypnotherapy enough for their effort and professionalism throughout the course.

-Stephen Dalla Costa
ACH Graduate – 2011
Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
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