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What Will My Qualifications Be?

At the successful completion of the College course, the formal qualifications you will receive are:
  • 10240NAT Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • If you apply and are accepted by the IMDHA you will receive a Certificate of a Certified Hypnotherapist

Note: To be eligible to gain Professional Indemnity Insurance, all graduates of Hypnotherapy are required to hold membership with a major Hypnotherapy Association. The College meets the training requirements for associations and will provide you with their paperwork and direction on how to apply for this membership.

How Much Will The Diploma Cost?

The course cost is in line with similar nationally accredited Diploma courses in Business, Marketing, Administration etc. In fact it is significantly more affordable than many of these Diplomas and is able to be completed in a much more flexible way. We are happy to review the training programmes we offer and if you are interested at that time, review the costs and payment options we can offer you.

Graduates are very pleased with their investment because they are able to start working in their own business with minimal set up costs.. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist you can earn a great living, a Hypnotherapy Practice can average 4 to 8 clients a day at rates from $120 to $150 per session, it doesn’t take long to earn a great living and set up appointments to suit your lifestyle.

So …why not call the office and find out more.. The office details are on the [Contact Us] button.

Note: You could qualify for a Student loan from your own bank. If successful, these loans pay the tuition fee and repayments do not start until the course is completed.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

By dealing directly with the subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy by-passes many of the obstacles and barriers the conscious mind creates. In doing so it is able to fast track the process of “real change”. It does this by firstly isolating the core problem. Long term change is then facilitated through use of trance state, anchors and other Clinical Hypnotherapy techniques. The results of treatment using Hypnotherapy can take effect immediately. Clients often experience profound change over the course of several treatments and are equipped with tools such as self-hypnosis that they can utilise and access for the rest of their lives. For the client, the experience is painless, relaxing and in many cases very enjoyable.

Rhondda Stewart explains how Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP have assisted her clients in achieving their desired outcomes.

“Hypnotherapy promotes overall well being of the patient through the use of Therapeutic Metaphors, waking hypnosis and trance technique. The Clinical Hypnotherapist harnesses the attention of the subconscious and directs it to find resources at the unconscious level. This leads the patient to work toward physical and mental healing, all in the privacy of their unconscious mind. The potency of mind/body connections, focussed on a specific direction, help facilitate overall mental, physical and spiritual well being.”

Where Do I Get My Clients?

If you can help one person achieve their desired outcome (eg stop smoking) you will find they refer you to a number of their colleagues and friends. A referral from a friend who has achieved their goal is a great recommendation, as we all value a service if we know it has already worked for someone we know.

Marketing and business development is reviewed in your training and we also teach you how to start building your own client base as well as how to build networking links with other allied professionals, who can then refer clients on to you.

Do I Receive Ongoing Support After I Graduate?

As well as mandatory supervision during your training we offer graduates the opportunity of reviewing part of the training program (Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy) to buddy new students and refresh themselves in the theory and or practical areas of the course. We also offer a coffee and support where we can help you in designing marketing strategies, or just chat about a specific treatment area. We also assist students wishing to link up for study groups and ongoing pier support after graduation.

To prove to you that your training and education is our first priority, ACH is the only school in Australia that allows graduates to revisit part of the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy free of charge within the first twelve months of graduation. We can tell you more about this when you join us. We also have an established support network with other graduates and trainers to ensure you are kept up to date with all the latest techniques and news.

What Payment Options Are Available For The Course?

We accept upfront payments or students can choose to pursue a Student loan with from their choice of banks. These loans usually pay the tuition fee upfront and repayment of the loan does not start until the course is completed. For more information please contact your bank directly.

What Will My Career Opportunities Be?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist you can earn a great living! There is an increasing need for qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists throughout the Medical, Dental and Therapeutic fields. ACH courses are designed to instil you with the latest skills and techniques to meet the needs of our growing industry. Many of our graduates have gone on to open their own successful practices.

A Hypnotherapy practice can average 4 to 8 clients a day at rates from $120 to $150 per session, it doesn’t take long to earn a great living and set up appointments to suit your lifestyle.

Why not CONTACT US and find out more about beginning your successful career as a clinical Hypnotherapist today!


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