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Course Information & Dates


Completion of this training entitles you to
Certification as a Practitioner of NLP recognised Internationally

Why would you complete your training through a Registered Training Organisation?
Tax benefits only an RTO can offer you for your clients (ask us how) All our trainer’s are Government Accredited Trainer’s and Master Trainer’s of NLP Your qualification is mapped to the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQF) which has to meet the Governments design of education Rather than an individuals and ACH Training is designed around the standards of the most recognised associations worldwide

Assessment Processes
Our training focuses on clinical theory and practical application through experiential training. Practice management issues are worked through in class, which enables students to be ready to succeed in their own therapy practice. We employ a variety of practical assessment processes to prove competency, with assignments and research. Students will do assessments such as, case studies, observation, role-play exercises, reading, discussion and journal keeping. A list of assignments to be completed for proof of competency, along with their submission dates, is included in the course materials. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with all deadlines.

Grievance on assessment results is dealt with through our complaints handling and continuous improvement process, provided in the student handbook.
This, along with the support and guidance of our tutors during the course, helps ensure motivated participants find the course requirements to be more than attainable.
Client case studies are integral to building clinical knowledge and expertise. The design of the formal training and practical application activities means that by the end of the course you have worked with a large number of clients to achieve different outcomes such as:

  • Smoking cessation Anxiety and Phobias
  • Body reshaping Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Weight loss Performance, Study and Learning
  • Stress problems Sleep Disorders
  • Dental phobias Medical areas from A to Z and much more
  • Pain management
The ACH teaching method ensures that students who earn the Diploma are well equipped to help their clients in addressing a wide variety of concerns. The clinical supervision sessions provided by the College re-enforce and support students developing their clinical skills.

Post Graduate Support
The College is committed to your success as a practising professional and to support this goal the Australian College of Hypnotherapy offers all graduate students opportunities for ongoing training and supervision.

If you are unable to attend some of the dates scheduled throughout the year, we can mix and match dates throughout the year to complement a timetable that works for you.

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Dates:

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Information Evenings & Free Workshops
The College runs free Information Evenings & workshops on a regular basis. This is an opportunity to learn more about NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as take away with you a NLP Technique that you will find invaluable in your everyday life. Find out more about our training programs and explore the possibilities of training through our college.
Come along and learn a technique for clearing muscle/headache pain & an NLP technique for Motivation & Confidence
The free Information Evening & Workshop is run on the first Tuesday of every month between 6.30pm – 8.00pm.Sydney – address will be provided upon booking (Street parking available)
Call the office on 02 9550 9673 and reserve your seat at our next free workshop.If you like you may also discuss coming to sit in on one of our classes. Why not consider spending an hour with current students (in class) and have a coffee and chat with them at their break time.
Or perhaps you can join Rhondda for a coffee & chat. Why not book a time to come in and have a coffee or tea and discuss your training needs. You will soon know if we offer the kind of training you have been looking for.
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